Our creative planners have impressive credentials. No matter the scale -- regional, community, or neighborhood – people support the plans and implement them because of the inclusive process we facilitate. We provide visioning, comprehensive land use planning, strategic planning, and sustainability planning services.

Planning Quality Places & Communities

We all want to live in the ideal place. Shockey can help you define what that means to your community. Our insightful, certified planners create collaborative processes that result in plans that not only describe that vision, but include vivid graphics to bring that vision to life! We develop comprehensive plans, plans to reinvigorate downtowns and neighborhoods, and prepare plans for corridors, economic development, watershed, green infrastructure, transportation and parks/trails/greenways. We know how to create livable, sustainable, healthy places where people want to be. Let us convene your diverse stakeholders to build the partnerships necessary to make your plan for the ideal place a reality!

Public Participation & Community Engagement

Public participation and engagement to educate the public about your plans is key. This includes communications, stakeholder engagement, public education and outreach, public involvement, and public relations.

Shockey excels at engaging diverse stakeholder groups in the public process. From taking highly technical and complex policy information and making it easily understandable for all stakeholder groups to creating an environment where the stakeholders feel empowered and engage in the process we customize your plan. We have extensive experience engaging those typically underrepresented in public policy decision-making. We use cutting edge technologies mixed with good old fashioned, face-to-face engagement to reach a wide variety of audiences resulting in better, well thought-out decision making.

Management Consulting

We are former government managers and planners who understand the issues our clients face. Shockey can help agencies set goals, reorganize, measure performance, create new programs, and develop sustainability, management and funding strategies.

Enhancing Revenues & Community Investment

From a dedicated sales tax to utility rate increases or general sales tax issues, Shockey has a proven track record of assisting communities in securing new sources of funding. We tell the compelling story behind the need for funding. Let us help you build support for investment in your community.

Improving Existing Programs

Shockey can evaluate a department, a process, or a service establishing a performance management system to chart progress and determine success. We can identify what’s working and what’s not, where there are opportunities on which to capitalize and where there are challenges to overcome. Improve your services with a continuous improvement process to get the most out of every dollar invested.

Measuring Program Performance

It’s one thing to offer a program or a service. It’s another to do it efficiently and effectively. Shockey Consulting can help you evaluate a department, a process, or a service. We can identify what’s working and what’s not, where there are opportunities on which to capitalize and where there are challenges to overcome. Better yet, we can work with you to establish mechanisms to help measure your success as you implement.

Developing New Programs & Innovation

More government agencies are developing new programs and services to go beyond basic services, meet a new regulation or simply to offer a new service the community desires. We identify the operating and capital needs of the service, the costs, the appropriate staffing, and supporting structure. Let us put together a business case and business plan for your new service or program.

Setting Budget, Capital, Organizational & Community Priorities, Strategic Planning

Government agencies are doing more with less. Revenues have at best been stagnant, but constituents still want the same level or increased level of service. Let us help you better understand organizational needs and community desires. We are skilled at working with governing bodies, appointed staff and citizens to develop strategic plans aligned with your priorities.

Complying with Regulations

Communities routinely are faced with determining how to comply with state and federal regulations, whether they are newly issued, or older ones with which jurisdictions are out of compliance. Shockey can help your agency and community understand the regulations, evaluate the alternatives to comply with them, develop a compliance plan and assist with implementation and reporting. We have decades of experience working with communities on Clean Water Act compliance issues for stormwater and wastewater programs.

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