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We understand the complex issues communities face. Translating highly technical information about these public policy areas is what we do.

Air Quality

There’s little more important than the air we breathe. Air pollution can cause adverse health effects in humans and animals, damage trees, lakes, streams, crops, and influence weather patterns. Shockey works with communities to develop plans to improve air quality and stay in attainment. This involves developing community-based plans and educating emitters, including the public, about what they can do to improve air quality.

Drinking Water

The ability to use water to cook, wash clothes or dishes, take a shower or get a drink from the kitchen faucet is most often taken for granted. Shockey works with utilities on ground source protection plans, cost of services evaluations; funding strategies; and educating customers on the importance of drinking water systems investments and what they can do to conserve resources. Shockey also provides strategic and business planning services for drinking water utilities.

Emergency Services

After a disaster hits is not the time to determine how best to recover. The ability of a community to meet the challenge of an emergency is in its planning for emergency preparedness; response; mitigation and recovery. Shockey staff has on-the-ground experience in doing just that for tornados, flooding and other disasters. We also can help communities develop emergency operations plans to rise to the occasion of manmade and natural disasters, not just returning to what once was but building an even better, more resilient community.


For years, we have understood that our communities must be more efficient in the use of energy as well as find new sources of energy. Increasingly, communities are researching the use of wind and solar panels; conducting audits on their facilities to become more efficient; and altering their codes to allow more sustainable buildings. Shockey works with agencies to develop codes that are more friendly to green buildings and consider alternative financing strategies for energy efficiency, not only helping the environment but helping municipal budgets.


As we strive to be communities which all age groups want to call home, it’s important that we provide a variety of housing options. Shockey works with communities to assess current housing stock—what’s available, what options are missing, and the condition of the housing stock. Using that information, Shockey can assist in developing a plan to achieve the community’s housing vision.

Parks Planning

Parks and open space are important components of our quality of life. Shockey develops parks and recreation agency strategic plans; parks master plans; trail plans; bike facilities plans; and green infrastructure plans. We work with our clients to make their communities healthier and more fun.

Solid Waste

We understand the importance of educating the public on solid waste issues. Shockey staff has been on the forefront of solid waste management in the Kansas City area since the early 1990s by implementing curbside recycling while on city staff. Since then, we have continued helping communities in creating public information campaigns and outreach programs to educate residents on waste reduction, recycling regulations and alternatives and household hazardous waste. Education efforts have included coordinating media relations; public service announcement development and production; developing and implementing multi-media marketing plans, managing social media, and reaching out directly to residents. Shockey also provides strategic planning services for solid waste districts and agencies.

Strategic Planning

Stategic Management System Handout ©

Government agencies are operating in a new reality with ever-changing and unknown conditions. Declining revenues and increasing demands have caused leaders to make tough choices in the short-term with uncertainty about effects on the long-term health and stability of their communities. Successful agencies are taking the next step and implementing a strategic management system to guide them through these tough times and into a prosperous future. Shockey works with agencies to put in place a strategic management system. We can help agencies put in place the system to create a strategy, get it done, measure results and learn from what was done.

Strategic Management System

Stormwater Management

Flood damage, flood risk and water quality are all stormwater issues that affect every community but pay no attention to jurisdictional boundaries. Shockey works with agencies to better manage stormwater by developing watershed and master plans, coalitions / partnerships, ordinances, programs, compliance plans, public education programs and funding strategies. We’ve worked with stakeholder groups numbering in the hundreds in the Missouri River basin to only a few stakeholders in a neighborhood trying to solve a backyard flooding issue.


Sustainability, Resiliency & Envision Services

Shockey offers sustainability planning and implementation services for department, agency and community plans. We provide training and can assist clients in recording, documenting and reporting on plan goals and metrics. We are well-versed using the Envision Rating System for infrastructure. In addition to sustainability planning, our services include:

Shockey offers Envision™ Rating System presentations which provide information about the rating system, the need for its development, and how the program applies to different types of infrastructure projects and programs. The presentations can be adjusted to the audience’s knowledge of Envision and environmental training/background. Shockey also offers presentations on sustainable thinking and how it can enhance any organization.

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure has developed training requirements and materials for individuals preparing to become Envision™ Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP). Shockey has approved trainer for Envision Sustainability Professional workshops. Students who attend the workshops are prepared to take the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) accreditation tests. Shockey is also approved to train organizational trainers on conducting workshops. Shockey can also provide training workshops on how to implement sustainable practices.

Integrating Envision into the organization
Shockey assists clients in integrating Envision credits and values into organizational goals, guidance documents and manuals.

Envision Application and Documentation
Shockey ENV SPs can document criteria met on projects and submit project applications for credentialing projects. Our experience with the reporting tools and guidelines reduces the time it takes to properly recognize and apply credits, lowering the costs of using Envision on projects.

Susutainability & ENVISION Brochure


An effective, multi-modal transportation system is the backbone of a community’s quality of life. Shockey has experience working on regional transportation plans, statewide program outreach, local plans and designs. We’ve worked on roadway, bridge, rail, transit and airport transportation projects. We know how to follow the federal, state and local public involvement process requirements on transportation projects and can engage stakeholders using traditional methods and new, innovative techniques getting informed consent and consensus.

Urban Planning

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to planning for your community. Shockey has proven success in tailoring plans that are reflective of the community that they were created for. Using innovative techniques and a collaborative process unique to your community, Shockey’s urban planners can help your community define what it wants for its future, develop a plan to achieve that vision and identify the actions needed to make it come to fruition.

We believe the members of your community make the best planners. Using our approach, citizen involvement is not a separate set of tasks but rather it is an integral part of plan development. Technical data and analysis is provided to the community stakeholders to educate & inform them about planning issues. This approach not only results in a better planning product but a more educated and engaged community. It has been our experience that if community stakeholders are given the whole picture they will come up with great solutions to complex, community problems. This is only successful if you involve the right people and give them information that is clear, understandable and meaningful to them.


We are facing a changing future driven by fast-paced demographic, economic, social, and industry trends. Cities across the country are engaging in community-based visioning processes in which they explore emerging trends and develop a shared vision in preparation for what the future entails. Our visioning process uses data, forecasting, and local and national trends to anticipate forces that may assist or impede a community from achieving its vision. Local factors can include population growth and demographic changes, while broader global forces consider topics such as, rapid advances in technology, the changing global economy, and environmental stresses. The exploration of trends is an important planning component as it allows a community to gain a comprehensive understanding of where their community is today and where it is heading in the future. We believe in the importance of engaging community stakeholders and providing them with accurate information so they can participate in futuristic conversations, resulting in an adaptable vision that provides a long-term perspective for making well-thought-out, disciplined decisions.


Our wastewater clients include the following agencies:

  • St. Joseph, Missouri Combined Sewer Overflow Program;
  • Springfield, Missouri Separate Sewer Overflow Program;
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources SSO Training Program;
  • Unified Government of Kansas City, KS/Wyandotte County Integrated Overflow Control Program;
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District Overflow Control Program;
  • Kansas City's Overflow Control Program;
  • Little Blue Valley Sewer District;
  • Johnson County, Kansas Wastewater

We know wastewater...we know where it comes from, what happens to it, and where it goes. We understand the acronyms and what is meaningful to the community. We love explaining the complexity and value of high quality wastewater services to the community. We enjoy teaching citizens what they can do to improve water quality and improve system reliability.

We understand the challenges of providing superior yet affordable service while protecting the environment and adhering to regulations. Shockey has provided public/stakeholder engagement, management consulting and planning work for many wastewater agencies. We have provided $4 million in wastewater consulting services.

Overflow Control Plans & Programs: Shockey has worked with six (6) wastewater programs with consent decree agreements totaling tens of billions of dollars. Our public engagement strategies helped clients build collaborative relationships with regulatory agencies and community interest groups resulting in plans that were approved and programs that are being implemented.




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