The BACKBONES with their album BACKSTAGE and charity Literacy KC has been voted Shockey Holiday Album of the Year.

vote totals finalized 01/10/18

THE BACKBONES (Literacy KC) are the ALBUM OF the YEAR, with NOT ARCHITECTS (Win for KC) holding onto second, and THE FONTS!! (Second Harvest) placing third, The EcoDOORS (Friends of the Kaw) fourth and STRATEGERY (TASK) fifth.



Formed initially as a backup group, they broke into the charts with their first single We Love Numbers and they haven't looked back.
THE BACKBONES bring an organization and efficiency to their music they cannot be mimeographed.
Some of their biggest hits include Get Out the Billing, Set Up Those Meetings, Yes I Made the Call and Keep Things Running.
Their newest hit and included in the critically acclaimed BACKSTAGE is The Timesheet Blues.

The BACKBONES charity is LiteracyKC

Literacy KC offers a welcoming community for adults and families to improve literacy skills and enhance the quality of life. With support from volunteers, donors, partners, and the community at large, Literacy KC invests in Kansas City’s greatest asset – our people.

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VOTES: 55.14% with 3,400



When Shelby and Lauren got together, they thought they would Plan the world. But when their newest member Ellen joined the band they became NOT ARCHITECTS. Separating themselves from the pack this distinguished Band started creating hits out of the gate from Sidewalks-Keeping You Off the Streets, Never Enough Parking, Lost In a Paved Abyss and High Fences Low Visibility to the newest hit on the award-winning PUBLIC REALM: Livin' In High Density.

The NOT ARCHITECTS charity is WIN for KC

Win for KC promotes and values the physical and emotional well-being of girls and women through involvement in sports and fitness. Through program and events Win for KC recognizes girls and women’s contributions to sports and advocates for equal opportunities. Not Architects chose WIN for KC as active and fitness minded women. We feel it is important to encourage and support girls and women to be active and a voice within their community and peers.

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VOTES: 25.15% with 1,551 votes



Formed in the late 80s - this bad-ass Female Group, THE FONTS brings a design and asthetic to their music that is beyond what others can even vision. Barb, Leigh and Ann have created a look that engages the audience and helps communicate their message clearly and with a bit of finesse. They've had many hits over the years including Inform That Voter, Did You Brand That, What's Your Message, Movie Posters Are Like Sewers, and the newest on their STORY TELLERS album: The Deadline Was Yesterday.

THE FONTS charity is Second Harvest

Second Harvest is a nonprofit food distribution center striving to build hunger-free communities in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. They distribute food through direct service programs and with a network of more than 100 partner agencies. Second Harvest is based in St. Joseph, Mo., a community in which Shockey Consulting has assisted with water quality education.

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VOTES: 9.70% with 598 votes


Album: Green Is The New Black

THE EcoDOORS three founding members Carla, JC and Erin are still with the band promoting their environmentally influenced lyrics and sustainability mission. This group has had such hits as Make a Rain Barrel, We Love Sewers, Never Underestimate the Value of a Toilet, Envision for the Future and their current hit, Come on Baby Plant a Tree.

THE EcoDOORS charity is Friends of the KAW

Friends of the Kaw (FOK) serves the Kansas River, known locally as the Kaw. For more than twenty years, our water-focused friends group has been the onl grassrotts conservation group dedicated to protecting the Kaw. Our members come from rural, urban, and suburban areas and represent canoers, kayakers, fisherfold, hunters, birdwatchers, and locals who love the river.

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VOTES: 9.20% with 567 votes


Album: 2040

Beth, Molly & Sheila all got their start in city management before starting STRATEGERY. They love to help elected officials and government agency staff make beautiful music together. You may have heard some of their previous albums such as "Chart Your Course,” “What’s the Plan Man?” and their #1 hit “Coaching in the Boys Room.” You will love their new hit I Can See Clearly Now - I have a Plan.

The STRATEGERY charity is TASK (Team Activites for Special Kids)

TASK is a year-round instructional sports program that provides ahtletic and social opportunities to kids with special needs. The purpose of the program is to build self-esteem in kids. At the heart of TASK's service model is pairing special needs athletes with voluteers from local high schools and colleges for support and friendship.


VOTES: 1% with 50 votes

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